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Heavy Naphtha

Light Naphtha
May 8, 2018
May 12, 2018
Heavy Naphtha 3

Heavy Naphta

Heavy naphtha is a distillation cut primarily made up of material roughly the same density as finished gasoline. Heavy naphtha molecules typically have from 7-9 carbon atoms. Its boiling range can be from 180F to 330F. Most of the heavy naphtha in a refinery comes directly from the atmospheric distillation unit. However, additional volumes may come from the hydrocracker (as heavy hydrocrackate) or from the coker (as coker naphtha).


Analysis Unit limitTest Method
Density @ 15.0 °C Kg/m3 0.7580 Max ASTM 01298
Distillation°CASTM 086
10 % Evaporated Temp °C120 Max ASTM 086
50 % Evaporated Temp °C115 Min ASTM 086
95 % Evaporated Temp °C150-170ASTM 086
F.B.P °C180 Max ASTM 086
Residue%Vol1.5 Max ASTM 086
Loss %Vol1 Max ASTM 086
Total Sulphur %Wt 0.08 Max ASTM 01266
Corrosion 3 HRS 50°C No 1 strip ASTM 0130
Vapour Pressure K.Pa27 Max ASTM 0323
Mercaphtan Content ppm70 Min ASTM 03227
Colour, Saybolt -25 Min ASTM 0156
Paraffins Content%Vol 50 Min ASTM 01319
Oleffins Content%Vol 1.5 Max ASTM 01319
(Naphthenes + Aromatics) Content %Vol 40 Min ASTM 01319
Lead (PB) P.P.B UOP40 Max 350-68T
C/H Ratio Estimated6 Max Calculate
Gum Existent (air jet) Mg/100ml 2.5 Max ASTM 0381
Oxygenates ppm 60 Max ASTM 04815