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Light Naphtha

Heavy Naphtha
May 11, 2018

Light Naphta

One of the lightest cuts of the atmospheric distillation process that vaporizes at a temperature range of 25 - 165 degrees Celsius. PFN refinery naphtha has an excellent reputation in the international market as a well balanced full range type of naphtha for petrochemical use. PFN refinery produces approximately 72 MBD of naphtha mainly for Mogas blending and exports surplus quantity.​


AnalysisUnitlimitTest Method
Density @ 15.0 ·c Kg/m3 700 max ASTM D1298
Distillation°CASTM D86
I.B.P°C35 min ASTM D86
10 % Evaporated Temp °C60 max ASTM D86
50 % Evaporated Temp °C85 min ASTM D86
95 % Evaporated Temp °C125 max ASTM D86
F.B.P °C150 max ASTM D86
Residue%Vol1.5 max ASTM D86
Loss%Vol1max ASTM D86
Total Sulphur %Wt 0.03 max ASTM D1266
Corrosion 3 HRS 50°C No 1 strip ASTM D13
Vapour Pressure K.Pa75 max ASTM D32
Mercaphtan Content PPM25 max ASTM D322
Colour, Saybolt -20 min ASTM D156
Paraffins Content %Vol70 min ASTM D131
Oleffins Content %Vol2 max ASTM D131
Naphthenes Content %Vol10 min ASTM D131
Aromatics Content %Vol5 min ASTM D131
Lead (PB) P.P.B Uop40 max 350-68T
C/H Ratio Estimated 5.5 max Calculate
Gum Existent (air jet) Mg/100ml3 max ASTM D381